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Psychology 188 Practice Exam Questions 1. The problem with drinking alcohol to enhance mood is which of the following? a. Alcohol increases mood to the point of excess b. Alcohol depresses mood, especially after the high from drinking wears off c. Alcohol has no effect on mood d. Alcohol is very effective as an antidepressant and masks potentially serious depression 2. Transformation of an initial lapse into a major binge is called which of the following? a. Renegade attention b. Rolling the snowball c. Acquiescence d. Misregulation 3. For this course, which of the following is the difference between dependence with a little d (“d”) and Dependence with a big D (“D”)? a. Little “d” is a small amount of withdrawal, like a hangover, whereas big “D” is a full-fledged withdrawal syndrome b. Little “d” is used by the American Psychiatric Association to describe drug dependence and big “D” is used by the World Health Organization to describe drug dependence
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Unformatted text preview: c. Little “d” describes a withdrawal syndrome, whereas big “D” describes addiction d. Little “d” describes a withdrawal syndrome from a drug, whereas big “D” describes a desire to take a drug 4. Rumination is which of the following? a. Difficulty in interrupting a response sequence once it is started psychological intertia/zeigarnik effect b. When a person stops keeping track of one’s own behavior and gives in to the situation at hand c. Indulging in an activity one has forbidden oneself leading to a large scale indulgence d. Reflective consideration to the point of inactivity 5. Failure to ultimately see the negative health consequences of smoking when initially beginning to smoke would be best an example of which of the following self-regulation failures? a. Standards- False consensus effect b. Monitoring c. Transcendence failure d. Misregulation- Enhancement of self-image...
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