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automata - F I tv t Tr W|TH 5 rr1-7= ty AC/91 rv s [email protected]

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F I tv t Tr 5 rr1-7=- ty AC,./91 rv €s W|TH MO @JTW tiJa tTo"tT* b,.i dis.rss,ho *J J s€'rnz p.e-ltrn.nari 6r.s en X; 'f.;.:^,, *s'g' oJ'/.nbels ,h a* rs Th4_ sT& 4-"d 5*vt ). "TT* *g?c,.{Jicy^r '3 ^t- H {.X-$ ^ = "1, ,,?d,.g = tt , then, ^J = n,tt tt N-Tua thor J* = i, 6 rd x 'ufl<,a^r !_*^ rs_- rc AgV'ood B-e -l- concqler na_ilb dy A 4r_J B s)tr,.19S - wv.7L,iag V T ^ ^l81 U_ "s- .il,irnys ,lTrL i t * \/ a-re s€13 .i r t.) lk\_o* sgl - nl , 3x 6 J- AB= { 0,,o, Dtc, titO, /\g: { *t ) >Le ,{ El*"pe, l- {O,rrJ .8 - {,io, to,tJ =) S-"ni\o"th, otrt- c{u^ efy _TT,p.- conta-En(tr"-\ .l A uvi76 f,rnf i_r"... , A"1 L!:.A_ [rh,, 6 ety, *?,,;.,4t sdrn6 ^,:{}r qhd An = An:'A h qJn_ n>Jrl:J sez r,,n6 ,r- "h gr'',V. h t{ A=)r,ool, Az"I u,|ao/cci ,aocoJ At t tll, lgor,ocrr, oae)r,lroo , [email protected], oie,r [email protected] al /ll iic, tttf.
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i^ ltl>rn A- I Exar-Pa5 ' 6A=Ja'3 A*= lOn.n>D} A= {or B - A+ = {a/l yos>; bte bn-.sr;,nJsJ ., A = lf rj .+ A+ = )(tt)'': fl)zo j =)lzrF-- ^vo) F)N IW SI?TE- MA C HIn{F W l-fk(ilT CrJTf'utT lI.^L l( itre n e- 13;l/ca1; .4 "l- A ir W,e- sd A*= UA" A)za o-r-t- cp 6661-|ar-., cffia n s f/errlr-nT3 of A' sT-n-ncls A $nt€ S]?ffU cnc4[;64 vr,,;TAa-iT c.tl?;r ,3 S,rrlZ tq-" TO L J-, ., i1Z stil*<r rn61fkr,9r.r- a-x ca{f ThcLf -l .- t -a of tt-vb t lferlW ,' " Ptn'T? sTdft " ( ctlTarn*Ton ) . - r 4 - vui Ih odiPr,r, , 11".QR &x-f nO CUTp-,-T3 (* FAATou ta^, tftr{. rs b Tl..rut crrne Sornz- $-tr, ot ru_ouTg,;fi- {u clt{ slc}_ks - oCL o(I sC( i - $ ni te set aFfdlP: S $otTP rei:ol ,r.,f..'R I llo.slicr'' {"'ci"" t, S.r-S I " ,,tLF"rr crrn q^tlo an e-Gn rr€- ?
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