StudyguideQuiz1ICASpring08 - Ethnocentrism Chap 2: Culture...

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Quiz #1 Study Guide Quiz Format: Multiple c hoice and short answer questions (SAQ) Chapters: 1- 3 and AE articles Website link to practice: Duration: 1:15 SAQ: You will be asked to provide a specific example for each concept/topic/issue you discussed from documentaries, lectures, readings (chapters1-3 and AE articles) and other sources Topics that would be included in the quiz include the following Chap1: Anthropology Basic Concepts Definition of Anthropology The four sub-fields of anthropology Ethnography and ethnology Key features of anthropology : holism, comparative method, cultural relativism, fieldwork
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Unformatted text preview: Ethnocentrism Chap 2: Culture • Components of culture • Human behaviors • Material creations • Cognitive processes • Anthropologica l definition of culture • Additional features of culture: shared, cumulative, adaptive, dynamic, diverse, and integrative • Subcultures and micro-cultures • Real and Ideal culture • Diffusion • Innovation and invention Fieldwork: • Ethical standards that govern fieldwork • Challenges associated with fieldwork • Culture shock (CS) and life shock (LS) • Participant observation • Emic and Etic perspectives 1 • Judgment sample • Informants and key informants 2...
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StudyguideQuiz1ICASpring08 - Ethnocentrism Chap 2: Culture...

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