3 - 3/26 Standard form mood and figure Syllogism a...

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3/26 Standard form, mood, and figure Syllogism – a deductive argument consisting of two premises and one conclusion Categorical syllogism - a syllogism consisting of 3 categorical propositions and containing a total of 3 different terms, each of which appears twice in distinct propositions EX – all soldiers are patriots No traitors are patriots Therefore, no traitors are soldiers . These three terms in a categorical syllogism are given names depending on their position in the argument. Major Term - is the predicate of the conclusion (soldiers) Minor Term - the subject of the conclusion. (traitors) Middle Term - provides the “middle ground” between the two premises (patriots MUST BE IN CORRECT ORDER Must meet these 4 conditions 1- all 3 statements are standard form cate. Prop. (a e I o) 2- the 2 occurrences of each term are identical 3- each term is used in the same sense throughout the argument
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4- the major premise is listed first, the minor second, and the conclusion last The individual form of a syllogism consists of mood and figure Mood- consists of the letter names of the propositions in the syllogism If the major premise is an A proposition, the minor is and O prop. And the conclusion is an E proposition, then the mood is AOE To determine the mood, it must first be put into standard form The mood is designated by the order of the letters of the prop., with the major premise first, the minor premise second, and the conclusion last
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3 - 3/26 Standard form mood and figure Syllogism a...

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