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Toledano, C.J. Modern Europe and The West III March 17, 2008 1. Pragmatic Sanction of 1723 a. The Pragmatic Sanction of 1723 was a bilateral treaty that preserved Hungary’s right to its own legislative assembly. 2. Nobles of the Robe a. The nobles of robe were the service nobility of lawyers and administrators and were not in equal rank of the nobles of swords. 3. Glorious Revolution a. The Glorious Revolution is the event in which William III and Mary II took over the throne over James II. It was also called the Bloodless Revolution due to no shots being fired during the transfer of power. 4. Jan Hus a. Jan Hus was a Bohemian religious reformer. During the time of the reformation, he ended up heavily contributing to the Protestant movement. 5. Oliver Cromwell a. Oliver Cromwell contributed to making England into a republican Commonwealth. He was also the Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 6. Thirty Years War a. A war which lasted between 1618 and 1648 in which most of Europe was fighting due to problems between Protestants and Catholics. Eventually, the war would lead to fighting outside of religion and to war between France and Spain. 7.
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westerneuropemidterm - GreetingLine Modern Europe and The...

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