Lecture 5 - Risk Assessment Lecture#5 Risk Risk Assessment...

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1 Risk Assessment ± Lecture#5 ± Risk ± Risk Assessment ± Potency Factor (ICP#1) ± Incremental Cancer Risk (ICP#2) ± Reading: R: Ch 14 (sections 14.1 – 14.6) Overview ± What is risk? ± What are the steps of risk assessment for pollutants? ± What do common dose-response curves look like? ± What is a potency factor and how is it calculated (ICP#1)? ± How can incremental cancer risk be estimated (ICP#2)? Environmental Regulation ± provides the means to implement the laws for environmental protection ± allows concentration standards to be established for protecting public and ecosystem health from harmful effects of pollutants ± e.g., in air NAAQS, in water MCLs ± but how does one establish the needed information on which to base air and water quality standards ± this is a question of hazard and risk assessment What is Risk? Risk Assessment? ± Risk : The probability that a substance or situation will produce harm under specific conditions. Risk is a combination of two factors: the probability that an adverse event will occur and the consequences of the adverse event ± Risk Assessment : A systematic method to determine probability of adverse effects ± A common application of risk assessment methods is to evaluate human health and ecological impacts of chemical releases to the environment Risk ± Voluntary Risk : A result of action taken by choice. Firefighting, driving, smoking, bungee cord jumping- statistical data of humans ± Natural Disasters : These include floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and other disasters beyond human control- statistical data of humans ± Involuntary Risk : Risk resulting from uncontrollable actions of others. Examples include pesticide residues or pathogens in foods,
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Lecture 5 - Risk Assessment Lecture#5 Risk Risk Assessment...

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