Quiz 5 - e-mail KEY A QUIZ 5a 1(5 pts Consider a chemical...

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e-mail KEY A QUIZ 5a 10/5/05 1. (5 pts) Consider a chemical rxn, A B. Draw the type of graph that would enable you to calculate the initial rxn velocity, V in . Label both axes. Also, draw the line having slope = V in . 2. (8 pts) Draw a diagram of G o vs "progress of rxn" for the most simple scheme of enzyme-catalyzed rxn . Show only the case where substrate is less stable than product, the ES complex is more stable than E + S, and the transition state is between ES and E + P. To assist drawing relative G o levels, the E + S level is shown. Indicate with arrows and labels the G o barriers corresponding to k 1 , k -1 , k 2 , and k -2 . LABEL CLEARLY. G o 3. (5 pts) Answer below concerning the PDB RasMol assignment: a. T/F The secondary structure of the protein shown in B is rather like the globin fold. b. T/F Figure A shows the HIV protease solved by Nicholson and co-workers. We can tell that it was solved by NMR because hydrogens do show up in the solved structure. c. T/F Figure B is the same structure as Figure A, but shown in cartoons with an inhibitor bound. d. T/F The yellow spheres visible in Figure A are sulfur atoms. e. Circle each of the following for which the Protein Data Bank does keep data: protein/nucleic acid complexes; nucleic acids; protein; otherr 4. (8 pts) Circle T if true, F if false for the following statements: T/F In HCl-catalyzed ester hydrolysis in water, the catalyst binds the transition state, lowering its free energy. T/F In Ni-catalyzed hydrogenation of ethylene, the transition state free energy increases , speeding up the overall reaction. T/F A reaction with more intermediates (more “rxn steps”) is slower than the same overall reaction having fewer intermediates. T/F When reaction velocity V is measured at equilibrium, it is found to be zero in every case. T/F
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Quiz 5 - e-mail KEY A QUIZ 5a 1(5 pts Consider a chemical...

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