Lecture 35 - Global Warming Questions 1 Is global warming...

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Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Professor Steven J. Skerlos ME 589: EcoDesign and Manufacturing Global Warming: Forcings and Global Warming Potential CEE 260: Environmental and Sustainable Engineering Principles Climate Forcings and Earth Temperature Change: Steven J. Skerlos Global Warming Questions 1. Is global warming real? 2. Do atmospheric gases trap heat radiated from Earth? 3. Does human activity contribute to global warming? - What is a forcing; how are changes in forcing calculated? - How are changes in forcings related to changes in average surface temperature of Earth? What is GWP? - How are emissions from human sources calculated as a change in atmospheric CO 2 ? - How are increases in CO 2 related to change in forcing? 4. What are the consequences of global warming? Definitions… Radiative Forcing Estimates for Greenhouse Constituents Since 1850. Radiative Forcing Weighted by Amount of Gas Added (W/m 2 ) Remember Δ T = λΔ F Since 1850, CO 2 increases have contributed to 64% of the radiative forcing observed. Anything to learn?… Atmosphere is 97% CO 2 Albedo is 76% Surface Temperature 750 deg. w/o greenhouse effect 229 deg.
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The Global Carbon Cycle is complex, and the decay (or uptake rate) of CO 2 cannot be assumed to be proportional
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Lecture 35 - Global Warming Questions 1 Is global warming...

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