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1 Astronomy 101 Instructor: Jaymie Matthews ASSIGNMENT 1 Due: Wednesday, 30 September 2015 by 5 pm in your lab section slot beside Hennings 312 TOTAL = 100 marks Late Penalty: 15% per day Format: Pages stapled together. On the upper right corner of the first page: last & first name, and student # In this Assignment, you’ll need to look up (or even measure for yourself) information which you won’t find in your lecture notes. Clearly justify your answers, cite sources of information you use, and point out any approximations and/or assumptions you make. 1. (a) You see your bus (#99 B-line) at the UBC Loop (parked sideways in your view; i.e., the length of the bus is at right angles to your line of sight). It is due to leave in 1 minute. You hold your hand in front of you at arm’s length. How many metres are you from the bus? Do you have a chance of catching it if it leaves on time? [ 20 marks ]
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