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Present_Possessory_Estates - and if not to B.” “To...

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Present Possessory Estates Present Estate Examples Duration Correlative  Future Interest in  Grantor Correlative  Future Interest in  Third Party Fee Simple  Absolute Forever None None Fee Simple  Determinable long as . . .” until . . .” while . . .”  As long as  condition is met,  automatically  to  grantor. Possibility of  Reverter (See Fee Simple  Subject to an  Executory Interest,  below) Fee Simple  Subject to a  Condition  Subsequent but if . . .” upon condition that  . . .” provided that. .” however . . .” Until the  happening of the  named event  and  reentry by grantor Right of Entry (See Fee Simple  Subject to an  Executory Interest,  below) Fee Simple  Subject to an  Executory Interest for so long as . . ., 
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Unformatted text preview: and if not . . ., to B.” “To A & his heirs but if . . ., to B.” As long as condition is met, then to third party. Until the happening of the event. (See Fee Simple Determinable, above) (See Fee Simple Subject to a Condition Subsequent, above) Executory Interest Executory Interest Life Estate (May Be Defeasible) “To A for life,” or “To A for the life of B.” “To A for life, then to B.” “To A for life, but if . . ., to B.” Until the end of the measuring life Until the end of the measuring life Until the end of the measuring life or the happening of the named event. Reversion None Reversion None (but see below) Remainder Reversion...
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