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Muscles Chapter - What is atrophy A sarcomere is between...

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Muscles Chapter (pgs 291-305) What are the three types of muscles? Which is voluntary? Which two are striated? Smooth, cardic, skeletal- voluntary and striated What is a sphincter? Where is it found? What is fascia? What type of connective tissue is in a tendon? It surrounds the binding tissue that bundles muscles. What is aponeurosis? What kind of nerve serves muscles? How many nuclei in a muscle fiber? What is hypertrophy? What is the function of a T tubule? What is job of myoglobin? What does the sarcoplasmic reticulum store?
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Unformatted text preview: What is atrophy? A sarcomere is between two ___ discs. z Which band is dark? Which is light? A band is dark. I is light What is the contractile protein in thin filaments? What is the contactile protein in think filaments? Which filament has golf club heads? Which filament has troponin and tropomyosin? Which does calcicum bind? What is a synapse? What neurotransmitter crosses the neuromuscular junction? What enzyme breaks down acetylcholine? What rushes into a muscle cell to excite it?...
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