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Latin 1302final1 - Latin 1302 Alderman Final Exam A Turn...

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Latin 1302 Alderman Final Exam A. Turn the following commands into jussive noun clauses (6 points): 1. Dormite! Imperavit nobis___________________________________________________________ 2. Noli ambulare! Imperat tibi______________________________________________________________ B. Turn the following direct questions into indirect questions (6 points): 1. Ubi dormības? Rogāvit_________________________________________________________________. 2. Quid est? Rogat__________________________________________________________________. C. Change two of the following direct statements into indirect statements (6 points): “Tristis dominus servōs ad cēnam invitat.” “Fabula explicatur ab magistris.” “Equus currit prae arce.” 1. Dicit_________________________________________________________________ 2. Dixit_________________________________________________________________
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D. Turn two of the underlined subordinate clauses in the following sentences into ablative absolutes (6 points): Ut consilium nārrāvit , rīsimus. Quandō lex vetatur , ducēs gaudent. Quoniam hostes pacem desiderant , bellum parābimus. 1. _______________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________ E. For each adjective, give the positive, comparative, and superlative adverbs (9 pts): Adjective Adverb Comparative Adverb Superlative Adverb bonus malus magnus F. Translate three of six sentences (30 pts). Identify the form and use of underlined words (12 pts).
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