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CH1020 Exercises (Worksheet 7) (Pressure measurements, Ideal gas law) 1. How would a gas differ from a liquid with respect to each of the following properties: a. density b. compressibility c.ability to mix with other substances of the same phase to form homogeneous mixtures? a. a gas is much less dense than a liquid because most of the volume of a gas is empty space. b. A gas is much more compressible because of the distance between molecules c. Gaseous molecules are so far apart that there is no barrier to mixing, regardless of the identity of the molecule. All mixtures of gases are homogeneous. Liquid molecules are touching. In order to mix, they must displace one another. Similar molecules displace each other and form homogeneous mixtures. Very dissimilar molecules form heterogeneous mixtures. 2. a. Both a liquid and a gas are moved to larger containers. How does their behavior differ? Explain the difference on molecular terms. B. Although water and carbon tetrachloride, CCl 4 (l) , do not mix, their vapors form homogeneous mixtures. Explain. C. The densities of gases are generally reported in units of g/ L, whereas those for liquids are reported as g/mL. Explain the molecular basis for this difference. a. Because gas molecules are far apart and in constant motion, the gas expands to fill the container. Attractive forces hold liquid molecules together and the volume of the liquid does not change. b. H 2 O and CCl 4 molecules are too dissimilar to displace each other and mix in the liquid state. All mixtures of gases are homogeneous. c.
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Answers_Worksheet_7 - CH1020 Exercises (Worksheet 7)...

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