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Albany College of Pharmacy Principles of Communication Michael Bosta Review - Context Analysis Audience Kim is a 25-year old medical student at the Albany Medical College, and is working to obtain her doctoral degree . She is currently working a part time job at the local coffee shop, and earning a mere $7.15 an hour. These wages make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. As with many other medical students, she runs a hectic life style. Between classes, exercising at the gym, and working at the local coffee shop, free time is very hard to come by, and so, she must prioritize her duties. Lately, Kim has been finding herself feeling fatigued and exhausted, but has neglected to do anything about it, assuming it was just stress from her schedule. Kim’s tedious lifestyle has begun to catch up with her, and during her more recent workout sessions, she has been experiencing a shortness of breath and feels more fatigued than normal. Kim has always been a responsible student, and so she has taken it upon herself to do some research. Coming from a scientific background, she is used to
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