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The American Scientific Review Can Garlic Have Medicinal Uses? Sandeep Shah Albany College of Pharmacy Do you have a family history or suffer from cardiovascular related diseases? For the 80,700,000 people that suffer from cardiovascular related diseases in America, pharmaceutical drugs are often costly. Numerous studies reveal that Garlic may be able to prevent or poten- tially treat most cardiovascular associ- ated diseases. According to the Journal of Nutrition, who performs clinical stud- ies on products annually, regular con- sumption of Garlic may help reduce the risk of hypercholesteremia, regulate blood pressure, and may even eliminate the need of anti-coagulants. Garlic is good used in food flavoring but scient- ists have recognized that it holds more important health benefits. The develop- ment of Garlic as a drug is new to the Western world but had been used natur- ally in Northern Asia to specifically treat the thickening of the blood, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Tradition- ally, garlic is known as allium, to the Chinese as dasuan or dawang, in Hindi as lasan, scientifically as diethyl penta- sulfide and more commonly as, allium sativum L. Garlic originated from plants in central Asia, and now is cultivated throughout the world and researchers emphasize it is the compound bulb with- in the plant that Scientists believe con- tains the active chemical ingredient, alli- cin. Allicin is a chemical able to produce anti-platelet fusion, composed of odor- less sulfur derived from the amino acid cysteine. Further understanding of the benefit uses of garlic medicinally have made it available as a tincture extract, aged garlic extract, as well in tablet form for many complications. What is garlic able to treat? Studies suggest that garlic is able to treat a host of cardiovascular associated com- plications including, high cholesterol, peripheral vascular diseases which in- cludes arthrosclerosis, thickening of the blood and also high blood pressure. In America, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and many pre- scription are available. 1
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The American Scientific Review How effective has is garlic in treat these conditions? Human studies have reported that 600- 1200mg daily doses of garlic in three di- vided doses helps in the prevention and progression of atherosclerosis. Garlic is often manufactured as an aged garlic ex- tract as the body is not able to effectively absorb the active chemical ingredient, al- licin. The compounds manufactured are allicin that is a water soluble sulfur con- taining compounds and because garlic is water soluble it is effectively and quickly absorbed into the blood stream. As garlic disperses throughout the blood it reaches the liver. It is not known how garlic reduces blood pressure or has an anti-platelet effect but reports indicate that it is effective in both of these areas. At the liver, garlic is able to lower lipid
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Sandeep's Review Edit - The American Scientific Review 1...

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