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Humanities I Author:___________________ Peer Review Sheet Reviewer:___________________ Prepare to put some significant time in on this assignment in order to help your fellow student. Post your paper to the Discussion Board on BlackBoard. You will review the paper that comes after your post (last reviews first). First, copy and paste the original paper below the questions (below). Quickly read through the draft without making any marks on the paper. If available, refer to the original text – if not, check it after class. Reread the draft again and fill out the questions below (put answers in a different color font) AND make comments on the paper. Refer to the Rubric at the end of this document – what areas do they fulfill (highlight the appropriate area)? When responding, try to be sensitive to other people's feelings without being wishy-washy. You help them improve their grade if you give them substantial feedback. You will be evaluated on your full completion of this peer review. Submit on Discussion Board to author’s original post (as an attachment). If you do not complete this in class, complete by Friday at 5:00 PM and submit. Topic: _______________________________________ QUESTIONS: 1. Does the writer state the author’s full names, full title of the text being discussed, and the author/creator (if known); and the date of its creation? Yes, these are all included. 2. Does the writer describe the main idea of the text under examination? Does the author present the “How?” of the text – how does the author of the text present the argument? What is its purpose? Generate actual questions/responses to this. Yes, she tells the reader the main idea “’The Spirit Wife’ is a tale… teaching of the power of nature, the necessity for self-control, and the inevitability of death.” Also, following the intro, she tells the story in her own words. 3. Does it follow a logical, sequential order? Note the structure and where improvement might be made – take a look at the actual text. The essay follows a logical order. 4. Are the ideas supported with enough examples (both paraphrases and quotations)? Make a note of any paragraphs that seem to be lacking in textual support. All of the paragraphs have sufficient textual support, although there is only one direct quote from the text. Adding additional quotes could potentially enhance the analysis. 5. Does the author give context to ideas and quotations? That is, does the author explain how the quotation works within the text itself? There is one quote in the first body paragraph; however, the meaning isn’t explained right away. 6. Does the author provide a thorough analysis of the text – that is, does the writer go beyond a simple description to describe what it means, how it means, and, at least a consideration of the context? Note how this is done, or where more might be done. I think
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Humanities I Author:___________________ Peer Review Sheet Reviewer:___________________
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Textual_Analysis-Peer_Review-1 - Humanities I Peer Review...

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