Experiments Involving Genetics

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Experiments involving Genetics Griffith Experiment o Found that hereditary information can pass between organisms (transformation) o Involved mice and streptococcus pneumoniae Avery Experiment o Piggy-backs off of Griffith experiment, except all of the protein was removed o Determined that DNA is the hereditary material for this bacterial species Hershey-Chase Experiment o Viral DNA, not protein directed the production of new viruses o Used bacteriophages, 35S and 32 P Franklin o Used X-ray diffraction to show that the DNA molecule had that shape of a helix with a diameter of 2 nm and a helical turn every 3.4 nm Watson and Crick o Deduced the structure of DNA using Franklin’s picture and Chargaff’s
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Unformatted text preview: rules • Meselson-Stahl Experiment o DNA replication is semi conservative o Centrifuged 14N-DNA and 15N-DNA to compare densities • Garrod o Ingerited disorders can involve specific enzymes o Deduced that some disorders were simple recessive Mendelian traits and may be because of enzyme deficiencies • Beadle and Tatum o Piggy-backs off of Garrods speculation and proves it o Came up with one-gene/one-enzyme theory • Sanger o Proteins consist of defined sequences of amino acids o Complete amino acid sequence for insulin • Ingram o Single amino acid changes in a protein can have profound effects o DNA is divided into functional units called genes...
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