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Stuff about Gene Regulation - that cause them to be...

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Gene Regulation 1. transcriptional control- affects the selection of genes to be transcribed and the rate of transcription a. most common means of gene regulation b. regulatory proteins bind to a DNA sequence which inhibits or facilitates the binding of RNA polymerase c. 2. posttranscriptional control- affects the processing of mRNA 3. mRNA transport affects the rate at which mRNA leaves the nucleus 4. mRNA degradation occurs because some mRNA transcripts contain sequences
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Unformatted text preview: that cause them to be degraded prior to translation 5. translational control- affects how long mRNA remains in the cytoplasm and the ability of mRNA to bind to ribosomes 6. posttranslational control- occurs by regulating the additional processing that proteins require to be functional or through feedback inhibition Transcription involves the mRNA Translation involves mRNA and tRNA binding to ribosomes to code for amino acids...
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