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Unformatted text preview: 1. List and briefly describe the 4 ways that cells communicate with each other. a. Direct Contact-when cells are very close to one another, some molecules of the plasma membrane of one cell can be recognized by the receptors on the plasma membrane of the adjacent cell b. Paracrine Signaling- signals with short-lived, local effects...present in early development, coordinates the activities of clusters of cells, signal molecules that are released by one cell can be diffused through the extracellular fluid to another cell, influence is restricted to cells in the immediate vicinity of the releasing cell c. Endocrine Signaling-the released signal molecule remains in the extracellular fluid and enters the circulatory system to travel throughout the body, longer lived signal, may affect cells very far from releasing cellsignal molecule is called a hormone d. Synaptic Signaling- cells of the nervous system, rapid communication with distant...
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