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SOQ13_Answers - SOQ 13 1)transcription is the synthesis of...

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SOQ 13 1) transcription is the synthesis of RNA from the DNA sequence of the gene. RNA polymerase is used. Translation occurs in the ribosome. Information contained in the mRNA transcript is used to direct the sequence of amino acids during the synthesis of polypeptides. mRNA is used. 2) The central dogma states that information passes from genes (DNA) to an RNA copy of the gene 3)three types of RNA mRNA-messenger RNA, transcribed from DNA, travel to ribosome and determine which amino acids are going to be turned into polypeptides. tRNA-transfer RNA, transport amino acids to the ribosome for use. rRNA –ribosomal RNA, provides a site where polypeptides are assembled. 4)the genetic code consists of a series of blocks of information called codons. The codons are placed in groups of three( triple codon) because not enough information is present in 1 or 2 codons. Enough information needs to be present in order for the coding of 20 amino acids.
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