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SOQ 14 1) Transcriptional- control of the transcription of particular genes by RNA polymerase. It is affected by the bonding of proteins to regulatory sequences within the DNA Post-transcriptional- control that occurs after the transcription, it influences the mRNA usually. Transcriptional controls are the more common of the two. 2) The binding of the RNA polymerase to the promoter tells the RNA polymerase how and when to begin. This would be a transcriptional control b/c it is a control that would occur during the transcription not afterwards. 3) the 4 major structural motifs of binding proteins - the helix turn motif , it provides a strong biding site for the proteins to fit into the major groove of the DNA. These motifs are spaced 3.4 nm apart, the spacing of one turn of DNA. This allows the proteins to recognize the specific sequence of DNA bases. -the homeodomain motif regulatory proteins all have a specific sequence of 60 amino acids. -the zinc finger motif
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