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SOQ15_Answers - from a sheep’s mammary gland An electric...

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SOQ 15 1)the basic geometry of the body is first developed. Then cells go to specific sites around the body and turn into organs. The body then goes in size and shape so it can survive once its born. (cleavage, formation of a bastula {ball of cells}, grastulation {creation of main axis of body}, neurulation { creation of neural tube}, cell migration {formation of specific organs(eyes, sense organs)}, organogenisis and growth{creation of tissue, organs}). 2) there is fertilization, creation of syncytial blastoderm, larval instars, imaginal discs{key components of adult flies body}, metamorphosis. 3) mosaic development- the initial cells contain different development signals from the egg, setting individual cells off on different paths. Regulative development in mammals, all cells receive equivalent sets of developmental signals. Body form is determined by cell to cell interactions. 4)since commitment of particular cells is reversible, cloning is possible. Cells are taken
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Unformatted text preview: from a sheep’s mammary gland. An electric shock opens the cell membrane and triggers cell division. This causes the formation of a bastula and in turn causes an embryo to form in vitro. 5)Homeotic genes. This says what portion of the embryo will become certain parts. Ex head and thorax. These genes can be mutated to cause additional parts to develop. Ex 2 sets of wings. 6) apoptosis is programmed cell death. Certain cells are not meant to live, example is the cells between your fingers that would make you have webbed hands. Bax gene is what does this in human cells. It binds to the mitochondria and messes with the permeability of the membrane thus inducing death. 7) I agree with stem cell research b/c so many cells are left frozen and wont ever be used. If we were able to do some research on them then we could find cures to diseases....
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