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Emily Nelson English 1020 1/24/15 Response Paper on “Cathedral” While reading the “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, I soon realized that the story was not going to be based on cathedrals, but instead a blind man named Robert. My first expectation came from the title. I assumed that “Cathedrals” would be based on religion or maybe something that happened in Rome. That expectation changed when I started reading the first few sentences. I then thought that the story could be about how Robert and the narrative's wife had a past romance, and now they were friends catching up and reminiscing about the past. The narratives negative thoughts and assumptions on the blind man lead me to believe that he would be cruel to Robert and the story would have a negative ending. However, none of my expectations of this story were fulfilled, and it is safe to say the title really threw me off. One of the main characters in the “Cathedral” is the narrative. The narrative is never given a
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