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Quiz_1 - where he can get help for the others Before going...

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21 August 2006 Cadet__________________________________. Section_______ Quiz #1-MA103 50 points/15min Present a solution to this problem which demonstrates your knowledge of the Polya Problem Solving Process. Label each step of the process you employ. 1. A light plane carrying three men crashes in the jungle. They decide that their best chance for survival consists of each of them setting across the jungle in a different direction in hopes that one of the directions will result in a man reaching civilization
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Unformatted text preview: where he can get help for the others. Before going their separate ways through the jungle, they are faced with the problem of achieving an equal division of their stock of water and canteens. They have in their possession five canteens full of water, five half-full canteens and five empty canteens. They wish to divide both the water and the number of canteens equally among them. How can they achieve this?...
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