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15 September 2006 Cadet__________________________________. Section_______ Quiz #3-MA103 50 points You have 25 minutes to finish this quiz. You may use Excel and/or Mathematica. You may NOT use the internet. SHOW YOUR WORK! The data table below shows the level of pain reliever remaining in a person’s bloodstream after discrete amounts of time. Given this information, answer the following questions: Time (minutes) Drug Level (mg/ml) 0 6700 30 3527 60 2141
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Unformatted text preview: 90 844 120 279 150 84 180 24 A. [ 20 points ] Write down the general form of an appropriate model for fitting this data set; indicate the independent and dependent variables and the parameters. B. [ 15 points ] What are the initial estimates for the unknown parameters and why? (Hint: Use the 1 st data point). C. [ 10 points ] State your model and the resulting SSE. D. [5 points] What is the drug level at time 100 minutes?...
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