revised GDRP protein stuff (day 2)

revised GDRP protein stuff (day 2) - Name Cells Genes...

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Name: ____________________________ Genetic Disease Research Project For today’s exercise, make sure to show your completed worksheet prior to leaving. 1) Go to (not!!!). You will perform a ‘full search’ (select from left hand side). To do this input your gene symbol (e.g. “ HFE” for hemochromatosis ) or the OMIM code, and find your specific (most relevant) syndrome (or gene) from amongst the search results. From the page that comes up for your gene answer the following questions: 2) Number of exons: Ex: hemochromatosis gene has 7 exons GH1 has 5 exons 3) Size of gene AND size of coding region (if there are multiple then use the largest/most complete (the first entry)): Ex: HFE gene = 9.61 Kb; mRNA = 2717 bp GH1 = 1.63Kb; mRNA = 376bp 3.5) What fraction of the total gene size is the transcript? i.e. divide transcript (mRNA) by total gene bases .0043 4) Click on “see the exons” for the first entry. Find the start and stop codons (in red) for your 1 matgsrtsll lafgllclpw lqegsafpti plsrlfdnam lrahrlhqla fdtyqefeea 61 yipkeqkysf lqnpqtslcf sesiptpsnr eetqqksnle llrisllliq swlepvqflr 121 svfanslvyg asdsnvydll kdleegiqtl mgrledgspr tgqifkqtys kfdtnshndd 181 allknyglly cfrkdmdkve tflrivqcrs vegscgf 5) Scroll down to the “RNA” section: What is the RNA size, and how many transcripts (variants) are known from the gene? Ex. HFE transcript is 2727 bp with 11 transcripts GH1 transcript is 822bp with 5 transcripts 6) Scroll down below all of the variants to the “Expression/Subcellular Localization” section. Where is your gene expressed? Ex: Organs: HFE is expressed in spleen, intestine (small intestine & duodenum), testis & skin. Tissue: lymphoid tissue. Cells: digestive, enterocyte; During pregnancy; in plasma membrane Organs: Colon , pituitary, ear, brain, placenta
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Tissue: endocrine Cells: lymphocyte When (stage): (all) Subcellular Localization: extracellular Note: If you can’t find this information on Genatlas, you may be able to find it on Gene Cards or some other site. 7) Now scroll down to the “Physical Properties”. How big is the
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revised GDRP protein stuff (day 2) - Name Cells Genes...

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