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Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide What was the...

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Geography Study Guide What was the referendum in Quebec about? - To make Quebec the only area in Canada where French is the main language. What is Nunavut and why was it created? What is NAFTA? - National American Free Trade Agreement - USA, Canada, and Mexico can trade freely from nation to nation. What are the main internal migration streams in the US? - Old Immigrants (1820-80) Germans, British, Irish, and Scandinavians. - New Immigrants (1880-1924) Southern and Eastern Europeans - Restricted Immigration (1924-65) preference for Northern and Western Europeans. - Preference System (1965-today) Try to eliminate illegals. Which 4 Latin American cities are considered mega cities? - Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. (all have more than 10 million residents) What is a Mestizo? - A person of mixed European and Indian ancestory. What are Quechua, Aymara, and Guarani? Quechua- Aymara- Guarani- What is religious syncretism? - A blend of different beliefs to be included in a Christian worship. What are the main environment problems in Mexico City? - Air pollution (smog) - Water (very little water purification) - Sinking Land. What problems does Colombia face (many)? -Drugs, violence, governmental corruption. Map: Colombia, Panama, …. . Terms: Glacial Deposit- Material carried to a point beyond its original location by a  glacier .
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Depression- a depressed or sunken place or part; an area lower than the surrounding surface. Westward expansion- The movement of people on the east coast traveling to the west for open farming land. Ovalltative- Quanatative immigration laws- Segregation- a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups Suburbanization- The establishment of residential communities on the outskirts of a city. In the  United States, many suburbs were created after  World War II , during a period of tremendous  growth in population and industry. Suburban dwellers typically work in the cities but raise their 
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Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide What was the...

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