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Fed and State Court Practice (2)

Fed and State Court Practice (2) - STATE AND For each of...

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For each of the following cases, state whether the case is a) STATE or FEDERAL b) CRIMINAL or CIVIL The first one is done for you as an example….. Case #1: Jan just lost her job. One day, while she is out looking for work, she takes a blouse and skirt from a store so that she will have something to wear to job interviews. Jan gets caught, is arrested and charged with shoplifting. STATE – CRIMNAL Case #2: Jim and his friends decide that they need money. They rob a bank in the town that neighbors theirs. Jim’s friend Bob drives the getaway car, while Jim, Ted, and Frank rob the bank. Jim and his friends get caught. Case #3: Sarah buys a new bicycle over the internet. One week after receiving her bike, she is riding it, and the front wheel comes off, causing her to have an accident in which she is severely injured. Sarah lives in Indiana, but the company she bought the bike from is in Texas. Sarah wants to sue them, to recover the cost of the bike ($500.00), and to have them pay for her hospital bills ($2,000.00).
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