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LN 12.4.07 twin oaks -2 - Tuesday SOCIOLOGY 252 Lecture...

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 SOCIOLOGY 252 Lecture: Twin Oaks Community- Kate Adamson Shared residence o Houses 7-20 people o Most people have their own rooms, even couples o Children get their own rooms by the time they are 2-3 years old Many things built by the members Sharing resources o Woodshop- shared materials and equipment, available for those who can’t afford  to get one on their own o Washing machines o Lawn mowers  The way to afford all those things o 3 main businesses  o People contribute 40 hours a week on avg to the community – people don’t work  outside the community o Weaving hammocks- used to be the biggest part of income at Twin Oaks;  integrated business, participate in as much of the businesses as they can, get all  the materials, cut them down, etc. Make their own ropes Hardly have to depend on other producers o Making tofu o Indexing books Highest paying (dollar per hour)  business at Twin Oaks
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 o Only 1/3 of the labor is put into income-producing areas; the rest is to keeping the community o Summer- no need to buy any produce/milk- cows o Garden- greenhouse o Fruit bushes Labor o Cooking the food Two meals served a day Communal kitchen Usually a team of 3 people cooking dinner Steam-table style Picnic tables outside o Forestry All the buildings are heated with wood o Construction All the buildings were built by the members o Almost no one has a career there All the labor is split up Labor sheets for each week- labor assigner All the jobs are voluntary except washing dishes
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LN 12.4.07 twin oaks -2 - Tuesday SOCIOLOGY 252 Lecture...

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