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1. Throughout the three days that I studied my eating habits and nutrition I found that two components stood out as good factors in my life. I have seen that in the DG I have a good amount of cholesterol that is steady throughout all three days. Also my grains are pretty well throughout the three days. With my cholesterol I am at about 83 which is good since I should be below 300. I believe that why this is pretty good is because I try to eat a balanced diet and try to watch what I eat. For grains I have 8 oz. which is good and is just 2 oz. below the recommended amount. I believe this is due to the amount of bread and pasta in my diet on a usual basis. 2. My nutritional intake report showed me some key areas that I could work on to improve my health. My total calories were lower than the normal amount, I believe this is because rather than trying to eat health I try to eat very little. My fiber was a little low but nothing that would become a problem I could raise my fiber intake a little though. My cholesterol is good; it is 83 when it needs to be
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