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Fossil Record Paper

Fossil Record Paper - Amanda Runey Evolution Refenes 17...

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Amanda Runey Evolution Refenes 17 March 2008 Geologic Column Paper Evolutionists use the fossil record to prove their theory of evolution. However, the theory of evolution was proposed before paleontologists started examining the fossil record. Therefore, when evolutionists started searching the fossil record, they were expecting to find evolutionary evidence. This attitude is not science; it is a belief. According to Darwin’s theory of gradualism, there should be a large amount of transitional fossils showing the gradual change from one species into another. However there is absolutely no fossil evidence, even evolutionists admit this. Therefore evolutionists are forced to use their imaginations and preconceived notions to catalog the fossils into different species. There is a large gap in the fossil record regarding transitional fossils between species. Steven Stanley, Professor of Paleontology at The University of Hawaii at Manoa along with Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould, says, “Within perhaps twelve million years, most living orders of mammals were in existence, all having descended from simple, diminutive animals that might be thought of as resembling small rodents” (Deloria 83). If we progress from a small rodent to a large rhino in twelve million years, surely there should be some intermediate forms along the way. “In keeping with Darwin's views, evolutionists have often explained new species as the result of the accumulation of tiny, favorable random mutations over an immense span of time. But this answer is inconsistent with the fossil record wherein creatures appear "full-blown and raring to go”” (Stark 42). Evolutionists have not found a way to explain how species just appear in the fossil record. “While acknowledging that "the extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record" is a major embarrassment for Darwinism, Stephen Jay Gould confided that
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this has been held as a "trade secret of paleontology" and acknowledged that the evolutionary diagrams "that adorn our textbooks" are based on "inference. ..not the evidence of fossils”” (Stark 41). Darwin tried to explain how species evolved as gradualism, but all evidence in the fossil record negates Darwin’s theory. The fossil record shows that the exact opposite of gradualism happened; species appeared
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Fossil Record Paper - Amanda Runey Evolution Refenes 17...

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