Session 3 - Service Strategies - Operations Supply Chain Management Fall 2015 Session 03 Service Strategies Learning Objectives ,youwillbeableto

Session 3 - Service Strategies - Operations Supply Chain...

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8/17/2015 1 Operations & Supply Chain Management – Fall 2015 Session 03: Service Strategies After going through this lecture, you will be able to, Formulate a strategic service vision Discuss the competitive environment of services Describe how a service competes using the three generic service strategies Explain what is meant by qualifiers, service winners, and service losers Discuss the competitive role of information in services Explain the concept of the virtual value chain and its role in service innovation Identify potential limits in the use of information as a competitive strategy Categorize a service firm according to its stage of competitiveness Learning Objectives
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8/17/2015 2 Service Strategy : a solution comprised of software, services and information that assist companies in efficiently delivering service commitments to their clients Generally begins with a vision of the place and purpose of the organization Strategy is one of the key components in winning (and retaining) customers in the market and maintaining competitive advantage in the market Comprises of a plethora of steps and techniques as discussed throughout the lecture….. What is Service Strategy? A strategic service vision begins with an entrepreneur's idea for satisfying an unmet need A strategic service vision comprises of a plethora of categories that a service oriented firm should consider There are sub categories within the categories themselves that the service firm need to take into account The basic categories of an Strategic Service Vision is provided in the next slide Strategic Service Vision
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