BrainFacts - pieces of paper would be about 5000 miles high...

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C.J. Luttinen General Psychology Facts About the Game the brain represents about 2% of your total body weight. It is roughly  140mm wide, 167mm long and 93mm high your brain consists of about 100 billion neurons!  That's about  166  times the number of people on the planet! The human brain is approximately 75% water You have 100 000 million brain cells Parts of the brain of a severely abused and neglected child can be substantially  smaller than that of a healthy child. It is estimated that a baby loses about half their neurons before they are born.  This process is sometimes referred to as pruning and may eliminate neurons that  do not receive sufficient input from other neurons. There are one hundred billion neurons in the brain. A stack of one hundred billion 
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Unformatted text preview: pieces of paper would be about 5000 miles high, the distance from San Francisco to London. It's no accident that telephone numbers in the United States are seven digits long. Our working memory, a very short-term form of memory which stores ideas just long enough for us to understand them, can hold on average a maximum of seven digits. This allows you to look up a phone number and remember it just long enough to dial. Number of neocortical neurons lost each day: 85,000 Species Weight (gm)------------------adult human 1,300 - 1,400 newborn human 350 - 400 sperm whale 7,800 elephant 6,000 bottle-nosed dolphin 1,500...
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BrainFacts - pieces of paper would be about 5000 miles high...

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