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lecture 290 - Name Vidya Endraiyani Case Study I"Battle of...

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Name : Vidya Endraiyani Case Study I “Battle of the Biofilms” BIOMI 290 March 10, 2006 PART I – The Disease 1. Legionelliosis A type of disease that has 2 distinct forms; a. Legionnaires' disease is the more severe of infection which include pneumonia b. Pontiac fever is a milder infection with respiratory illness without pneumonia 2. Both disease are caused by the same bacteria: an infection caused by Legionella pneumophila, an aquatic organism that thrives in warm environments (25 to 45 °C with an optimum around 35 °C). 3. The factors below has triggered the presence of L. pneumophila: - The whirlpool system which consists of metal plumbing components and associated corrosion products that is important factors in providing iron and other metals that support the survival and growth of L. pneumophila - The whirlpool filters is a good place where L. pneumophila can create a unique niche caused by the stagnation of the water and a low chlorine residual - The contact with marine waters The environment above also supported the presence of protozoa and other free living amoeba to serve as the host cells for the intracellular replication of Legionella species. The pathogenicity of these bacteria arises with the invasion and intracellular replication of L. pneumophila within protozoa and amoeba in the environment. Those activities play a major role in the transmission of Legionnaire’s disease and cause L. pneumophila to exhibit resistance to conditions of stress, including heat, acidity and biocides. These results demonstrate that L. pneumophila –infected amoebae and protozoa that are inhaled serve as cofactors in the pathogenesis of pulmonary diseases. PART II – The Environment 1. Definition of biofilms: a complex aggregation of microorganisms attached on a surface and marked by the excretion of a protective and adhesive matrix 2. The importance of biofilms in this case: the L. pneumophila
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lecture 290 - Name Vidya Endraiyani Case Study I"Battle of...

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