Big Ten Network - C.J. Luttinen ENG 101 The Big Ten Network...

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C.J. Luttinen ENG 101 The Big Ten Network and it’s Effect on College Football Fans It’s Saturday morning. The date is November 3 rd . In offices, bars and homes around the state of Michigan, fans eagerly await the match up that captivates millions of people every year. The annual rivalry football game between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University will be played and to the dismay of many, it will not be able to be seen. Why, might you ask? The Big Ten Network (BTN) would be the answer. Since its formation in the college football off-season, the BTN has incited most, from hardcore Buckeye fan, to passionate Wolverine fan, to be furious with the lack of view ability for their teams games. The Big Ten Network has proven unsatisfactory for mainstream college athletics and its fans. In principal, the Big Ten Network sounds like a good idea. A major athletic conference gaining their own television channel for exclusively Big Ten sports sounds great. All Big Ten, all the time. Not a bad thing at all. Until, however, discussions with the cable companies began. Most notably, in the State of Michigan, the Comcast Corporation has not yet been able to reach an agreement with the Network. The fundamental problem is that the BTN wants to be included in regular programming given to most Comcast customers. A slight price increase, about one dollar and ten cents (Rosenberg) per customer, would have to be charged to make this work. Comcast though, would like to put the BTN on its special sports programming package, which would allow customers to choose whether or not they would like to receive and pay for the
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Big Ten Network - C.J. Luttinen ENG 101 The Big Ten Network...

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