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BIV 131 – Kolb Extra Credit – Page 1 1. Compare and contrast the “old” and “new” circumcision. (216) The old circumcision brought Israelites into God’s people. The new circumcision, Baptism, has taken place with the death and burial of the “Body of Flesh” (Col 2:11) 2. Explain the mystery Jesus insisted upon and explained about baptism. (217) How the Holy Spirit works to bring new life: how difficult the power of the word and the Holy Spirit is to harness, and how much power it has. 3. What examples does Kolb use to show a variety of psychological conditions of people in relationship with God? (219-220) When we sleep, are in a coma, or our mental compacities are undeveloped God still maintains the relationship established through his baptismal Word. 4. What lifelong process does baptism initiate? (221) Baptism initiates the lifelong process of dying to the habits of hell and rising to the habits of heaven in the daily struggle against sin. 5. What was the general meaning for the word baptizo at Jesus’ time? Is the mode of baptism important to Lutherans? What is important? (223) Baptizo was a verb meaning dipping or immersing The mode is not important. What is, is the Word of God with the water. 6. Note the two passages and explain their teachings that Kolb uses to show infants need baptism. (224) Infants are infected with sin from conception so they too require the forgiveness included in baptism. Most Christians believe children are included in the “all nations” Jesus refers
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religion extra credit - BIV 131 Kolb Extra Credit Page 1 1....

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