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Calvin Luttinen Exam 2 Questions 1. T?F Correct the False Abraham’s homeland was called Haran True 2. Multiple Choice The Israelites were in Egypt for _____ years. A. 300 B. 40 C. 430 D. 7 The correct answer is C. 3. Short Answer The passage Exodus 20:23-23:33 is commonly reffered to as? The Book of the Covenent 4. Essay* pg. 158 CTBGP Briefly Describe the 5 different offerings listed in Leviticus and detailed in Called To Be God’s People. Whole Burnt Offering: Voluntary gift of thanksgiving. Priest sprinkles blood upon the alter and wholly burns the animal Grain Offering: Voluntary gift of thanksgiving. Grain or flour with incense and oil.
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Unformatted text preview: Priest burns it and rest is food for the family. Fellowship Offering: Voluntary ritual of fellowship. Animal is slaughtered and blood sprinkled on the altar; the animal is eaten for food. Sin Offering: Obligatory atonement for sin. Transfer sin to animal by laying hands on it, slaughter it, and eat the remains. Guilt Offering: Obligatory atonement for sin. Same as sin offering but worshipper must bring money for restitution plus 20% 5. Who Am I King of Gerar Abraham told him Sarai was his Sister Answer: Abimelech...
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