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POLS 2302 Language and How it is used in Politics Double speak- how Language is used to deceive you 1) Politics is about who gets what and language is the weapon of choice 2) Language is used to help your side win a controversial issue a) i.e. Abortion is Pro-choice Language guides a decision Language is used to deflect criticism when you are caught in a compromising situation i.e. firing someone becomes “lay-offs” Double speak becomes to communicate but doesn’t, its purpose is to mislead, deceive, distort and confuse What double speak does 1) Makes bad seem good 2) Makes negative seem positive 3) Makes unpleasant appear attractive 4) Avoids and shifts responsibility 5) Facts and words do not agree Four types of double speak 1) Euphemism- is an offensive or positive word that avoids the harsh unpleasant reality 2) Jargon- specialized language of a trade or profession. Within a group it is a verbal shorthand but outside a group it is used to confuse and is considered double speak 3) Gobbled-y-gook or Bureaucratese- piling on words to overwhelm the audience 4) Inflated Language- designed to make the ordinary seem extra-ordinary Ideology Capitalism- private ownership of the means of production (factories and land) and distribution (railroads and communication) of goods and services. 1) Arguments for:
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POLS_Test - POLS 2302 Language and How it is used in...

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