Treaty With The Western Shoshonee

Treaty With The Western Shoshonee - '3'o"CO—N5 0L1...

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Unformatted text preview: '3 'o "CO—N5 0L1 DAT E 1;): 71: R- 1}; AT Y1 Dorie at Box Elder. this thirtieth day of July. .l. l). 1:163. James Duane Doty. Governor and acting superintendent of Indian ntl'airs in L'tnh Territory. P. 1121*. Connor. Bri diet-General l'. :4. Vuluntccrr. commanding District of Utah. l’olmtello. his 3: mark. chief. Toomontso. his 3: merit. t‘l’llt'f. Sunpitz. his 3: mark. chief. Tosowitz. his 3: mark, chief. Yahnowsy. his 3: mark. chief. Weerahsoo . his 3: mark. chief. l’ahmgmsa d. his 3: mark. chief. Tallltwetnonah. his 3: mark. chief. ' _ Omashee, “lohn l’nltatnllo's brother.) his 3 mark. thief. Witnesses: Robt. Pollock. colonel Third Infantry. C. V. M. G. Lewis. captain Third Infantry. C. Y. S. E. Joeelrn. first lieutenant Third Infantry. t“. V. Joe. A. Gehone. Indian interpreter. John Barnard. 'r.. his .1: mark. special interpreter. \Villia'H. Boo e. epecinl interpreter. Home When. emu wmr rm: wzs'rzmr SFOSKOKI.1883 Gal-1&1 Trail of Peace am! Friendship made at Ruby Valley, in the Territory “Sun. as: a Shanda. thril'l‘r-t Joy of October. A. .0. one Moran eight hun- miitm'“ J""”‘" red and sixty-three, bdrm flu: Gifted States 0 Amer-ix,nr§pre- heel-inst "ct-1|. rented by the undersigned (mirmhm'cmm, and Me Pasta-n Ba a of m.“ - the Shoshone: ."ah'ou of Indium. representaf by their C'Iu'efs and Bindpal Men and “inform. me allow: - .Ax'ncu: 1., mug-gm: Peace and friendshigihall be hereafter established and nuint’u‘ned between the Western mi: of the Shoshonee nation and the people and Government of the United States; and the said bands stipulate and agree that hostilities and all depredntiona upon the emigrant trains. the mil and telegraph lines. and upon the citizens of the United States within their country. shill cease. ‘ ' ' r H ' Aime”: 2. r hag-53kgfgL-f; The serenl'routes of travel through the Shoshone countr , now or mu. ' hereafter used by white men, shall he forever free, and um tructh by the said hands. for the use of the gorernment of the United States. nnd‘of all emigrants and travellers under its nuthority and protection. without molestation or injury from them. = And if depredations are at- any time committed hr bud men of their nut-ion, the oll'endeni shall be immediately taken and delivered up to the proper oflicers of tinglfnited Suites, to be puniihed as their oflencen shall deserve: Ind the safety of All travellers reing peaceably over either of said routes is hereby gunmtied by said hands. _- -. ' r . ' ' Military posts may be established. by the, President of the United States along said routes or else where in their country: and station houses may be erected nnd occupied at such points as run" he nmrt‘ for the comfort and convenience of travellers or for mail or telegraph companies. .‘lllltury 1.x"; 9.. tint». ' _-_-____—_____—_________§—————-—-——‘-—"——‘-'———'_ . a. e .. 1863' 3I Ana-1cm: 3. The telegraph and overland stage lines hating _lte_eu established and h3;ii;::['§;;;y;"“' ~" operated by companies under the authority of the l. ntted States through a part of the Shoshouee country. it is ex resuly agreed that the same may he, continued without hindrance, mo estatton, or injury front the people of said hands, and that. their pme'l'ly and the lives and prop- erty of Ins-sengers in the stones and of t to employers of the rfifl‘t‘ll‘l‘t‘ companies. shall be protected by them. And further. it being under- stood that provision has been made by the government of the United States for the cOnstructiou of a railway from the plains westto the XII-Hm)”- Pacifie ocean, it is stipulated by the and hands that the said railway or its branches may be located, constructed, and 0 rated, and without molestation from them. through any portion 0 country claimed or occupied by them. . ~ ' ' ’ Amen: i. It isfurther by the parties hereto, that the Shoshonee country fifltflfihfi mar be explo and prospected for gold and silver, orotherminerals: liar-m. and when mines are dFSCOTeI'Ed. they may-he worked,de mining and 'cultural settlements formed, and ranches established whenever ey may be required. Mills or; be erected and timber taken for their use. as also for buildng a other purposes in any part of the country claimed by said bands. ' ARTICLE 5. It is understood that the boundaries of the country claimed and Jgfiyggmm— ‘ _ ll‘fllplEd by said hands are defined and described by them as follows: nl. - Oa‘the north by “'ong-goga-da Mountains and Shoshonee River .. Valleyt'on the irest by Su-non-to-rah Mountains or Smith Creek- ._ Mountains; on the south by \‘l’i-co-hah and the Colorado Desert: on ' t\lttalleaé¢t by Po-hoqio-he Valley or Steptoe Valley and Great Salt Lake a or. .. r = r r -::_ _ . r. Amt-u.- 3_ _ ' The said bands agreethat whenever the President of the United “gm "'5 7 States shall deem it expedient for them to abandon the roaming life, which. they now lead, and become herdsmen or agricultttraliste. he is hereby authorized to moire such reservations for their than as he may deem necessary within the country above described; and they do also hereby agree to remove their cam to such msen'ations as he may indicate. and to reside and remain t rein. ARTICLE 1'. . The United States, being aware of the inconvenience resulting to the “$9.32? Egg: indiaus in mnsequeure of the driving away and destruction of game. an... a; t... «rim». along the routes travelled by white men, and by the formation of ilg’ri— - cultural and mining,r settlements. are willing to fairlr wittlu-nsatn- tin-tn for the some: (huh-fore. and in consideration of the prove-din r stip- ttlutions. and of their faitltf ul observant-e by the said hands. the 'niled Stale; llrtnnliy- and agree to [my to [in- said hands (if the Sim-Eliot“! nation parties hereto. annually for the term of twenty years. the sum of tire thousand dollars in such articles. int-ludith (alth- for herding or other tut-postca. as [111- l’rt-s-idu-ttt of the United Shun:- shall dI'I'Ill. suitable or their Ellfll’é and mndition. either as: hunters or her-dame“. And the said Imntls-lugrelw acknowledge the rot-option of tha- mid stip— ulated annuities ae’u l'nll'cutnlwnaation and equivalent for the load of frame and the right: and privileges hereby conceded. ...
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Treaty With The Western Shoshonee - '3'o"CO—N5 0L1...

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