what to know for prelim - 14. Chymotrypsin mechanism...

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HERE IS THE MIDTERM EXAM (Note that the make-up exam is similar in content , but does not follow this format) 2. Charge on an AA 3. Ion-pair calculation 4. Protein folding 5. Mb 6. Short question about enzyme inhibition 7. Match column A to column B 8. Name these 3 xxxxxx, and indicate what type of xxxxxx 9. Draw the xxxxxx. Choose any xxxxx and draw xxxxxx 10. Protein folding 11. Draw curves and label axes to show xxxxxx 12. Given the data below for xxxxx, draw the graph and answer the following: 1. 1 pt joke question about protein structure 13. Kinetics question
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Chymotrypsin mechanism question 15. A big enzyme kinetics graphing question 16. Ramachandran Map question 18. Draw the indicated plots of xxxxxx 19. PyMOL chymotrypsin question 17. Short kinetics question QUIZ 5 KNOW DONT KNOW LG pp. 94 - 114, text pp. 190 - 209 HOMEWORK PROBLEMS: LG #23-25, text Ch 6 #4 DERIVE M-M EQUATION G o vs PROG. OF RXN DETAILS OF OFFICIAL ENZ CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM PRIMARY DATA OF KINETICS: [PRODUCT] vs TIME MICHAELIS-MENTEN EQUATION PDB PyMOL ASSIGNMENT DEFINITIONS OF K M AND V M MEANING OF K s...
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what to know for prelim - 14. Chymotrypsin mechanism...

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