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Cp midterm sem 2 - Midterm 1 CP Questions Questions: 1. In...

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Midterm 1 -1CP Questions Questions: 1. In On Christian Liberty , what does Luther state is the one thing necessary for Christian life, righteousness, and freedom? 2. Why does Erasmus state a need to bring in outside authority in On Free Will ? 3. What does Luther state is the “highest degree of faith” in On the Bondage of the Will ? 4. What does Aristotle state that a body moving in a circle must be? 5. What shape does Aristotle conclude that the earth is? 6. What ancient Greek provided mathematical constructions based on Aristotle’s observations? 7. Why did Copernicus’ De Revolutionibus originally cause little controversy? 8. What reason does Copernicus give for more observed motion in the planets than in the stars? 9. What is a common view of Galileo and what “alternate view” is suggested about Galileo in the Very Short Introduction? 10. To what did Galileo restrict science? 11. In “Letter to the Grand Duchess,” in what sense does Galileo say the Bible cannot speak untruth? 12. What did Descartes do in Discourse on Method after searching through the various discliplines? 13. Which of Descartes’ moral maxims helped to rid him of his doubt? 14. What 18 th century event was considered the culmination of the Enlightenment? 15. What two areas (disciplines?) were considered the hero and villain of the Enlightenment? 16. What one word does Locke say all knowledge comes from? 17. In “What is Enlightenment?” what does Kant say must always be free? 18. Who does d’Alembert list as the three philosophical heroes of the Enlightenment? 19. What, regarding history and the future, is a major principle of the Enlightenment? 20. What is Thomas Paine’s opinion of revelation?
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Cp midterm sem 2 - Midterm 1 CP Questions Questions: 1. In...

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