Creation story

Creation story - 1-1Dr. MetressCP 101H13 December...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-1Dr. MetressCP 101H13 December 2007Creation StoryIn the beginning, there was God, and there was nothing else. God held authority over the entire universe, but of what use was that, for there was only nothing, and an empty space can practice neither obedience nor disobedience. God commanded that an Earth form, but it was still just a ball of rock and had no ability to follow him. It could only remain in the form that he had created it. He then proceeded to create the landforms of earth, and to separate them by water. Water could rush through streams and rain from the heavens, yet its obedience was still completely involuntary and could not be attributed to anything besides the physical laws God had put in place.God then decided to create more interactions in the earth. Perhaps if the parts of his world had interactions with others besides just him, they would have to make a conscious decision rather than have a gut reaction to follow him. He then created a whole universe for the earth to fit into, and all of the stars and planets continued in their proper order. Finally, He created life. He caused an abundance of trees and plants to spring forth at his command, and they grew and bloomed at the proper time, just as he ordered. He then created a variety of animals. They also took care of themselves and lived in harmony with the other species, just as he had intended. But God still did not feel that He had quite the authority that he desired. He then decided to create man, a creature with free will regarding Gods instructions. However, God desired that man obey Him, so he gave man a paradise to live in. Why would there 2be any desire to rebel when life was simple yet wonderful? He also only started with simple commands, in order to receive obedience yet not come across as harsh. God was finally satisfied in the obedience of man, because that obedience was voluntary....
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Creation story - 1-1Dr. MetressCP 101H13 December...

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