Need of More than Reason

Need of More than Reason - 1-1Dr. MetressUCCP 102H28 March...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-1Dr. MetressUCCP 102H28 March 2008A Need of More Than ReasonThe title of Baron dHolbachs essay No Need of TheologyOnly of Reason clearly summarizes his thesis and reason for writing that essay. He theorizes that religion is not necessary for building a moral system, but rather that human common sense is sufficient to ensure good conduct. dHolbach cites both mistakes made by established religious systems and lionizes human reason in order to make this point. However,though he often cites history to support his thesis, history can also be used to cast seriousdoubt on his argument.dHolbach states that to learn the true principles of morality, men have no need of theologythey have only to enter into themselves (dHolbach 144). He defines this morality as being just, beneficient, moderate, and sociable (144). Yet from where would dHolbach derive these values? He would clearly believe that they are from his own reason. However, Locke would add another element to reason: dHolbachs sensory experiences and observations. While dHolbachs entire lifespan happened during the time of the Enlightenment, he was still part of a culture where Christianity was...
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Need of More than Reason - 1-1Dr. MetressUCCP 102H28 March...

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