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Midterm pt 2 - 1 Questions 1 Why did Venus support Aeneas 2...

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1 -1 Questions 1. Why did Venus support Aeneas? 2. Aeneas is frequently described as being bound to this virtue… 3. What is Dido’s reaction to seeing Aeneas in the Underworld? 4. Which goddess serves as an antagonist on Aeneas’ journey? 5. What major vow does Dido break? 6. What sign is required for Aeneas to enter the underworld? 7. How does Virgil offer homage to his leader in Book VI? 8. Which philosopher and teacher of Plato is the main speaker in The Republic ? 9. Which group of philosophers does Thrasymachus represent and what was their main focus? 10. What are the three groups of people in Plato’s ideal city, and which virtue does each group represent? 11. What is real, according to the “Allegory of the Cave”? 12. What duality of worlds is described in the Republic? 13. How does Socrates use Cephalos, Polymachus, and Thrasymachus in his three steps of discovering justice? 14. What, according to Socrates, determines whether an act is just or unjust? 15. What sect had Augustine been part of before his conversion? 16. What (not who) led Augustine on his “Neoplatonic Quest”? 17. What does Augustine eventually conclude about the existence of evil? 18. In regards to God, what does Augustine believe during the “Neoplatonic Quest?” 19. How does Paul relate to Plato?
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2 20. What did the Manicheans believe about the physical world and humanity’s place in it? Aeneid Passages 1. She led Aeneas Into the royal house, but not before Declaring a festal day in the gods’ temples. As for the ships’ companies, she sent Twenty bulls to the shore, a hundred swine, Huge ones, with bristling backs, and fatted lambs 2. Amor Agreeed with his fond mother’s plan of action, Put off his wings and gaily walked as Iulus. Venus in turn sent through Ascanius’ body Rills of sumber. 3. What’s to be gained by giving way to grief So madly, my sweet husband? Nothing here Has come to pass except as heaven willed.
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