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In class-Caesar - 1-1CA 102 HonorsJulius Caesar-In Class...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-1CA 102 HonorsJulius Caesar-In Class Essay24 September 2007Whats in a Leader?What makes a leader? If a hundred people were asked that question, a hundred different responses would be gathered. While everyone has an opinion on the specific qualities they view as important in a leader, some characteristics would appear repeatedly, such as bravery, integrity, and intelligence. Based on these traits, Marc Antony demonstrates the greatest leadership qualities of the major figures in Julius Caesar.In order to be a leader, one must be able to overcome his fears and fulfill the purpose that he sees set before him. This element is present in all four men. Caesar, as a mighty warrior, is praised for his courage in battle because He hath brought many captives home to Rome (3.2.82). Brutus, Cassius, and Antony are also commended for their skill and bravery in battle. This warrior-courage is a quality that all these men share. However, Cassius and Antony also demonstrate a very strong sense of political courage. Cassius takes a great risk when he initially approaches Brutus about his opposition to Caesars impending rule knowing how (Caesar) loves Brutus (1.2.303) and thinking that logically, Brutus should not even humor him. Cassius is either brave enough or just so overcome by jealousy that he approaches Brutus in order to destroy Caesar. Marc Antony also demonstrates this type of courage as he addresses the crowd,...
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In class-Caesar - 1-1CA 102 HonorsJulius Caesar-In Class...

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