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Final essay - 1-1Ms. ParnellCA 102H12 December...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-1Ms. ParnellCA 102H12 December 2007FinalOftentimes, we view Shakespeares history plays as boring or irrelevant. During our high school years, we often instead study the tragedies and occasionally add a comedy to demonstrate that Shakespeare did have a sense of happy endings. JuliusCaesar, duly categorized as a history play and a tragedy, is the exception to that rule. Though many members of our class were already familiar with the play due to high school English courses, we saw its usefulness through a new lens as we examined the characters as an example of leadership. Because of its strong emphasis on characterizations, Julius Caesarwas a very useful text for this semesters focus on leadership.Until Caesars death, there are three major characters who each show different strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Caesar is mighty and is able to appeal to the people, yet his downfall is his pride and there is constant discussion about his ambitious nature. Brutus is described as noble throughout the play, but his divided mind causes him as well to be a tragic character. Though Cassius is arguably the character who most fulfills his intentions throughout the play, and thus can be seen as an effective leader, he does this...
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This essay was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course UCCA 102 taught by Professor Parnell during the Fall '07 term at Samford.

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Final essay - 1-1Ms. ParnellCA 102H12 December...

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