Quiz 8 - e-mail _KEY A_ BIOBM331 QUIZ 8a 11/9/05 A. insulin...

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e-mail ___KEY A ______ BIOBM331 QUIZ 8a 11/9/05 1. (7 pts) In each blank below, write in one letter from the columns A. insulin G. G-1-P on the right. B. glucagon H. [F-1,6-BP] a. [glucose] in blood is low. Which hormone signal appears? _ B _ C. epinephrine I. glycogen phosphorylase D. adenylate cyclase J. phosphorylase kinase b. Which activated enzyme has many different target proteins? _ M _ E. PFK-2/FBPase-2 K. glycogen synthase F. pyruvate kinase L. several phosphatases c. Which 5 proteins in liver cells are direct targets of (b) after the M. protein kinase A hormone signal (a) appears: _ E _ _ F _ _ J _ _ K __ _ L _ 2. (8 pts) The Citric Acid Cycle is shown on the right. a. On the CAC diagram, darkly circle each carbon that became oxidized in the preceding numbered step. For b & c below, write the number(s) of the step(s) described. If more than one number, write them all: b. __ 2b, 7 ____ hydration c. _ 1, 3, 4 _ large negative G of rxn. 3. (2 pts) Write the overall reaction equation for the Citric Acid Cycle: ACETYL-CoA + 3NAD+ + FAD + GDP + PI + 2H2O CoA + 2CO2 + 3NADH + FADH2 + GTP + 2H+ 4. (2 pts) Write the overall equation for the reaction that occurs in the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex: PYRUVATE + CoA + NAD+ ACETYL-CoA + CO2 + NADH 5. (7 pts) These questions refer to the color slide and the RasMol assignment about PFK-1: a. Circle the correct answer: Shown is the allosteric site substrate binding site b. Name the molecule that is shown in Sticks Display, CPK colors (abbrev. OK) F-6-P c. Circle the correct answer: This image most likely shows the
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Quiz 8 - e-mail _KEY A_ BIOBM331 QUIZ 8a 11/9/05 A. insulin...

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