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What is a HBCU? A History Black College or University in many ways is a home, to those who look to further, there educational lives. Some have called an hbcu a second family, a collection of people who all are trying to achieve the same goals. What sets an HBCU apart from other colleges is the togetherness, and the knowledge about ones culture and heritage. Some feel that by attending an HBCU, you begin to understand you self more as a part, you also begin to understand your race and the struggles you once have gone through, and struggles you may continue to go through, throughout your life. However before the civil war schooling was very hard for African Americans, the conception of HBCU’s were thought to have been the bridge to educate a race of people. The first listed HBCU is Cheyney Univeristy, which before was a secondary training school founded by quakers in the 1830’s. cheyney Unveristy established in 1837 was the intial first steps to bridging the educational gap. After its
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