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african american experience final - Marcus Wright African...

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Marcus Wright African American Experience 1. Slavery was the physical and mental destruction of the black race. The ability to convince someone that they weren’t equal based on the color of their skin is the underlying virus that still impacts the black race till today. When you capture whole families from their birth and origin, they bring them to a new world with no where about or ideas of how to live you have separated generations of people who will never know what life is like before slavery. Not only was slavery a vicious cycle, which disturbs the brain till this day when you think of it. It’s a continuous factor to why the African American race doesn’t feel that it can ever achieve the lifestyles we once had. Slavery hasn’t stopped at least not in the mind set of the African male. We still feel oppressed, we still feel as if we don’t get all that we deserve. Still feel discriminated against; force to live in societies where were not treated equally. The aftermath of this horrible experience is that African American children are birthed with the mind set to watch who know, watch who you associate with and make sure that you choose your choices wisely because we aren’t granted second chances. We brought up to believe the world is against us, however that does make some of us work harder to achieve great things and path easier roads for fellow people. 2. The First Chapter that I’m summarizing is chapter 33. This chapter is about the well being of Africa. This chapter consist of the state of Africa and it’s ecomonic, stability.
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african american experience final - Marcus Wright African...

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