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Marcus Wright 9/6/07 Early U.S History THE “Mesoamerican Civilizations” There’s three major, Mesoamerican civilizations, each unique in their own way, but hold a lot in comparison with one another. In actuality these civilizations could be compared to Ancient Egyptians as well. What made them different was the fact they were advanced in the field they specialized in such as reading, writing, and math. What makes them similar was the factor that they all used human sacrifices, under the belief that it would bring them piece in prosperity. The all seemed to live around this one city in Mexico called Teotihuacán. The Olmecs aren’t really spoken about in today’s modern textbooks, and in some case only mention because they were the first literate urban culture in the region. But one thing is for sure the Olmecs should not be looked over. Developed around 1200 B.C the Olmecs lived on Mexico’s Golf coast. However not much can be said about them because, they only lasted till around 400 B.C leaving no
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